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7th International Conference on Electrical Engineering (ELE 2023)

October 07 ~ 08, 2023, Virtual Conference

Accepted Papers
Improving Electrical Power Systems Production in Chad

Djibrine. Abakar1, A.A. Abouelsoud2, 1Department of Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic University of Mongo, Mongo, Chad, 2Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt


This present paper was carried out within the framework of improving electrical power systems production in Chad.The goal of this work is to improve the productivity of the electro-energetic system of Chad. A reliable power system is essential for economic growth and poverty reduction. The electro-energetic system's production, transport and distribution offer a wide service to companies and consumers. This system is affected by various problems that undermine production. Electricity is the lifeblood of the modern world's economic growth and sustainable employment.


Improving, power systems analysis, Transmission systems, productivity.

Creation of a Chatbot Based on Natural Language Processing for Whatsapp

Valderrama Jonatan1 and Aguilar- Alonso Igor1,2, 1Faculty of Systems Engineering and Informatics National University of San Marcos Lima, Peru, 2Professional School of Systems Engineering National Technological University of South Lima


Currently in the digital age, customer service is of the utmost importance for the success of organizations. To meet the growing demand for immediate responses and personalized assistance, chatbots have become a promising tool. This study aims to develop a chatbot based on natural language processing to improve customer satisfaction and the quality of service provided by the company by whatsapp. An exhaustive review of the existing literature on chatbots has been carried out, analyzing methodological approaches, artificial intelligence techniques and quality attributes used in its implementation. The literature highlights that chatbots based on natural language processing allow fast and accurate responses, which improves the efficiency of customer service. Additionally, chatbots contribute to customer satisfaction by providing accurate responses and quick solutions to queries. Therefore, designing a chatbot with friendly interaction and human-like conversations is crucial to offer a satisfactory user experience. Furthermore, the choice of appropriate natural language understanding technologies is vital for optimal chatbot performance. Previous research emphasizes the importance of employing artificial intelligence techniques, such as machine learning, to improve the learning and adaptability of chatbots during interactions. of the user. Developing an effective chatbot in customer service requires a deep understanding of user needs and expectations. Therefore, this study focuses on creating a chatbot that efficiently and effectively addresses user queries. The results of this study will provide a solid foundation for designing and developing effective chatbots in customer service, ensuring a satisfactory user experience and meeting the needs of the organization.


Natural Language Processing, Chatbot for WhatsApp, Chatbot development, Chatbot for Customer Service.